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Board of Directors & Coordinators

How to Contact a FYBA Board Member?

E-mail is available 24 hours a day - for both you and the Board Members. Feel free to e-mail them anytime - the Board Members will respond when they receive the e-mail message or have the time. The email address for each Board Member is listed below. You may also address the Board at their monthly Board meetings listed on the Calendar.

All FYBA Board Members serve as volunteers and work numerous hours behind the scene preparing the program for your child. We ask that you respect their privacy and their family time. We ask that all families and coaches limit their phone calls to no later than 7:30pm on the evenings.

We also ask that you try not to contact them on weekends unless you deem it an emergency. Please use your utmost discretion in dermining whether an issue or concern is an emergency!

Which Board Member should I contact?

Throughout the season, information about aspects of FYBA can be sought from the FYBA Board Members listed above, and opinions made known to FYBA Board Members, in the following ways:

  1. If you have any concerns regarding your child or your child's team, we strongly encourage parents to visit with their child's head coach. Sometimes parents are not comfortable talking with their child's coach about a particular situation or parents have had discussions with the child's coach, but would like to visit with an "independent" party. To address these situations, FYBA has established a Team Liaison. Each team will be assigned a member of the FYBA Board as a team liaison to the FYBA Board. Every attempt will be made to keep the team liaison a neutral party - with no child on the assigned team. Parents/guardians can seek out and discuss an issue with their team liaison, who will then take the parent's concerns to the appropriate director and the rest of the Board, if deemed necessary.
  2. Parents/guardians can submit in writing any comments for consideration to any one of the Board members.
  3. Anyone wishing to address the Board during a regular Board meeting may do so during the allotted time during the first part of the meeting. When possible, visitors are requested to notify the FYBA President at least 24 hours prior to a meeting of the intent to address the Board. It is requested that the topic is identified in advance. Once the concerns have been presented, visitors would leave and the Board will continue with their meeting. The time and location of FYBA Board meetings will be posted under the Calendar on the website


Board of Directors

Jackie Cochnauer

Director of Basketball

Phone: 952-200-1105

Jean Shrum


Phone: 651-332-0777

Jason Schultz

Vice President

Phone: 651-829-1297

Scott Hughes

Director of Player Development

Steve Jones

Boys Director

Phone: 507-402-1073

Kara Miller

Girls Director

Phone: 651-338-9043

Kris Dohrmann

Communications Director

Phone: 651-206-1638

Lori Elsen

Boys Tiger Classic Director

Phone: 952-239-9938

Mike Schommer

Girls Tiger Classic Director

Phone: 651-353-4479

Ann Wilcek

Facilities Director

Phone: 952-380-6562

Sarah Jensen


Phone: 952-426-5109

Nikki Curtright

Marketing Director

Phone: 651-592-4750

Tani Helgemoe

Registration Director

Phone: 651-208-6967

Tara Blandin


Phone: 651-470-4620

David Thom

In-house Director


Angie Bramer

Tournament Coordinator - Boys Teams

Jessica Berreth

Tournament Coordinator - Girls Teams

Heather Bean

Volunteer Coordinator

Mary Duro

Tournament Volunteer - Administrative

Teresa Young

Tournament Volunteer - Concessions

Jodi Aase

Tryout Coordinator

Steve Coccarelli

Tryout Volunteer - Administrative

Jen Franz

Tryout Volunteer - Administrative

Dave Todd

Equipment Coordinator

Tara Carlson

Team Pictures

Stacie Rasmussen

3-on-3 League Coordinator