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About the FYAA

Farmington Youth Athletics Association

Q:  What is the FYAA:

The FYAA is a free-to-join advertising site for Farmington Youth Athletic programs; allowing members in our community to easily find programs for youth participation.  In addition to advertising of programs, the site is designed to host the programs of sports needing a website presence.

Q:  What do we do if we want to advertise on the site?:

It’s simple, just contact the FYAA Master Administrator of the site and supply information about your sport, description, age group, period that it is in-session, images that you’d like to use for the sports pages and the webmaster will take care of posting it to the site.

Q:  What do we do if we want to host our program on the site?:

You’ll need to have your program webmaster work with FYAA Master Administrator to get you setup.  The use of the site is free, but should you use registration functions or volunteer management functions, the provider (SportsEngine) does collect fees on credit cards, and for certain activities like background checks.  The webmaster will work with you to get your program setup, give you access to administer your pages, and answer any general questions

Q:  I’m a program looking to increase its presence in the Farmington community, can I use the FYAA email list to advertise?

Yes, each program is allowed to send 2 email communications to the ENTIRE FYAA email base which consists of nearly 8,000 email addresses.  These emails have to be sent from the FYAA FYAA Master Administrator and cannot contain marketing or advertising information apart from your program details.  – While it is great that all programs have sponsorship, FYAA cannot highlight sponsors on system-wide emails.  These emails are designed to be about the program, and the program only.  The FYAA Master Administrator will work with your program on any communication changes necessary to ensure respectful, advertising-free emails are sent to the community at large.

Q:  Are there any fees for FYAA?

No, there are no fees, and any sport is allowed to participate assuming it either services the Farmington or Empire Township area.    

Q:  What happens if multiple organizations cover a single sport in the area?

FYAA does not choose one organization over the other and will support both organizations.  Since emails are sent out on an individual basis, there is no preferential treatment given to one over the other, and both can advertise on the site. 

Jason Dean

FYAA Master Webmaster

Program Directors

Brian Stender

Travel Baseball

Janelle Wall

Heritage Figure Skating Club

Craig Jenson


Mike Moe

Girls' Fast Pitch Softball

Missi Arens


Jackie Cochnauer

Travel Basketball

Adam Olson


Melanie Kracke

Tigersharks Swimming

Kevin Crosby


Troy Hedtke